As a proud part of the VS Agri-group of companies, Avison has a passion for agriculture and wealth of knowledge and experience which allows them to a dependable part of your operation. At our core is the desire to improve any farm’s prosperity. Our business is built around four key pillars:
Honest customer relationships

We believe in the importance of long-term customer relationships, built on trust and respect.


The combined knowledge and experience of our agronomists and technical team ensure you have access to high-quality and well-priced solutions, to increase and sustain good yields.

Quality products and services

Our wide array of quality products can holistically meet the needs on your farm - from plant and animal nutrition to plant protection, soil correction, water treatment and the fuels and parts needed to keep your machinery running. Our products and services are all backed by excellent logistics.


We can formulate and customise products according to your farm's unique needs and specifications.