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Get the best of chemical and organic fertilizer to optimize your yield

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Avison has been a manufacturer of quality organic and semi-organic (integrated) fertilizers since 2007. We follow a holistic approach to plant nutrition. Integrated Plant Nutrient Management is a holistic approach to plant nutrition by obtaining the nutrients from both inorganic and organic sources to maintain and sustain soil fertility and enhance crop productivity in a framework of an ecologically compatible, socially acceptable and economically viable situation. A combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer is called integrated fertilizer.

If used alone, chemical and organic fertilizers can result in low fertilizer use efficiency (FUE) but combining them increases FUE and also improves soil properties. Avison’s organic products are certified by Ecocert for use in organic farming. Semi-organic fertilizer with added Ammonium Sulphate, MAP, Potassium Chloride or Potassium Sulphate, Gypsum, Kelp, Humic and Fulvic Acid, microbes and added micro nutrients, are also manufactured on request.

Newly added to the Avison product range is a range of organic blends, where all raw materials are certified organic. These blends can be customized with regards to Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Calcium content. These blends are also pelletized.

Benefits of using Avison products
  • Higher, sustainable, cost-effective yields

  • Optimized yields through improved soil fertility

  • Optimized yields to ensure maximum profit

  • Long-term carbon administration

  • Long-term micro-nutrient build-up

  • Increased nutrient availability

  • Nutrient-rich soil with good physical and microbiological properties

  • Higher cation-exchange capacity (CEC)

  • Widened C:N soil ratio

  • Fixation of fertilizer P reduced, effectiveness of fertilizer K increased

  • High analysis fertilizers have low contents of micronutrients, but combined use with organic manure makes these nutrients (Ca, Mg, S, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B and very important C) available to plants

  • Excesses of P and K build-up (which can limit availability of other nutrients) can be cushioned

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Latest News 
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Best of organic and chemical

June 2020

Organiese bemesting, hetsy deels of ten volle, is deesdae een van die gonswoorde in landbou. Almal streef na volhoubaarheid, veral in terme van winsgewende produksie, maar natuurlik ook na die onderhoud en versorging van die gronde.

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Wen-oes wondermiddel? Boere deel hulle geheime

March 2020