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Years of experience, combined with a scientific approach to plant nutrition and a willingness to walk the extra mile with the client. That's what makes Avison different from the rest. 
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Pelletized composted chicken manure products

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Pelletized or blended products containing only organic certified raw materials

Blends customized according to the Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur needs of your soil.

Semi-organic pelletized or blended products

Customized blends according to recommendations. Click here for full information.

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Garden Treat for retail

Garden Treat brings the rich natural goodness of Avison's products within reach of every gardener. Contact us for the details of your nearest retailer.


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Garden Treat and Enhancer

Soil conditioners

Quality compost products including composted cattle manure, wood shavings and microbes.

Fertilizer spreading for orchards

Avison's spreader, affectionately called "Buksie" is available for convenient orchard spreading of your Avison products.

Soil analysis and recommendations

Our sales team boasts not only years of experience, but also the technical know how to take samples of your soil and, after third-party analysis, recommend the best solutions to amend your soil composition and ensure optimum yields.

Satellite monitoring

Satellite monitoring of your crops with detailed reporting on weather data, productivity and crop progress will enable you to take the best decisions in order to ensure optimal yield.

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Granular, liquid, water soluble, foliars and ammonia gas fertilizer solutions are also available through the VS Agri-group